Friday, June 13, 2014

90's flashback, inner childhood, and bad bangs...

My mom recently was going through some old photos of us kids and found a few treasures...While looking through a few of them myself I could not help but laugh, quite literally out loud. The fashion was impeccable and the hair was to diiiie for!! Those of you who grew up in the 90's know what I am talking about. Looking at the photos I know that over the years I have felt that perhaps my childhood self was gone...that I have grown up, become more mature, a little more reserved. However, looking at these pictures I am reassured (maybe panicked) that I haven't changed all that much. That possibly I am that cheesy, flighty, ADHD kid still! 

I think that raising a child now, actually brings out more of my childhood self, that I had questioned not having any more, back in full swing! There is nothing more child-like than cracking up over baby toots, burps, blowing bubbles in the bath/pool, making the most ridiculous faces to get him to laugh -you name it! Plus, you don't even care that others are around! It has been so fun bringing out my inner child and re-experiencing the joy that the sillier things in life bring, this time around with my own son. 

I have always thought that Leiden did not really look much like me- at all. Heck, I've actually been told that! If it wasn't I who birthed him I may have questioned who's kid he was! Just kidding.. But really, dark hair, skin, super chill etc... However, when I got to see some of my baby pictures I was sort of shocked to see that Leidy actually does look quite a lot like me the more he grows -brunette version albeit! Same goofy-teethy-so large-cheese ball- smile, and loads of hair! It's been so fun to see!! I'll show you some photos below-- hope you get a good laugh out of them like I did!! 

Don't laugh to hard... 

I don't share food... (this still may be true). 

 Nice bangs... Sadly didn't learn my lesson at this age.

 Happy Easter from the little house and the Prairie girls... 

 Saltwater sandals ARE still in, but with socks... Washingtonian much, mom?

 Okay this one is cute...

 Laura Ingalls Wilder meet Lacey Wear...

 This may have been my Grease era... Sorry, Lex!


Jeans much? I actually think the whole jean thing might be coming back in.. Not sure about the bandanas but I think we're really making it work! 

Well if all of these photos don't take you back to the 90's...

Here's a quick peek at Leidy. Incase ya'll need a reminder picture!

And this gem here was one of Anthony and I's first dates... Yikes!! Ha!

Thanks for reading!! Hope you enjoyed a flash back to the 90's with me and that you take the time to be silly and child-like with your babies!  

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