Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Home Video

Lately, on social media I noticed more bloggers getting into creating home videos of their little families! I completely loved them and kept thinking that that was so amazing that they knew how to do anything like that! Anthony seems way better at capturing those moments than I typically --I rarely take any video at all! So terrible! 
I thought I would really love to have moments that I cherish captured on video so, I googled away and found what info I could about starting basic (basically without any crazy/expensive equipment) . Now, while I do have a DSLR I captured everything on my regular good old iPhone because it's SO convenient |enter praise hands| !! I found the app, Videoshop here downloaded it and started away! Anthony sent me this link of a youtube tutorial for the app (handy man) -I'm much more of a struggle-along-the-way-until-I-fiiiiinally-figure-it-ouuuut type girl, but this video is sure helpful for those who prefer to do it that way (HA!)!! 

This app was SO fun and now I want to capture everything on video! I will definitely be posting more regularly and hopefully getting better with each time! I would definitely suggest any beginners wanting to capture more clips to check out this app! 

This video is prrrrretty basic -my first one ever- and I still have a lot to learn, but I sure love it and more importantly I love the little people in it. 

Ps-- Yes, my poor husband and children have to hear my hiiiiigh pitched voice every day! LOL.