Thursday, May 29, 2014

Little crawler...

This week, Leiden decided that he was going to crawl and stand up all on his own-- in one week! Which is so crazy because this little dude has been in no rush. He has been body crawling, worming, and scooting everywhere for quite some time now and then he just picked himself up and crawled over to me like it was something he had been secretly practicing on his own time!!!  I was so completely proud of him I thought that my heart would burst! It's so funny how it's these small things that are so exciting and precious to me now. Yesterday he was just born, and today he is a little toddler... Anthony and I could not be more amazed at how the time has really passed. We still remember when we brought him home and how his little yawns were the sweetest thing ever. I know I must gush so much over this little dude, but every day I feel so incredibly blessed that he was given to me. He was a surprise baby so him being all mine boggles my mind! It amazes me the things we receive that we do not always deserve... This kid is by far my better and he is such a joy to watch! Anyway, here are some pictures of this crazy crawler, climber, explorer, the last few days and how a small thing like crawling has changed our lives forever... 
Hey mom!
Watch out...
What did ya find there?
Oh boy. Nap time, which was once a peaceful sleepy time has now transformed into a bit of jungle gym... I caught this picture on our baby monitor to show Anthony because, it is hilarious and also I was afraid he would not believe my rather usually dramatic self... But this is how I find him just moving around the crib...chewing on the edges, yanking on his mobile, playing with his monitor -you name it! I am learning that we need a good almost half hour to settle in before he decides he is tired enough to sleep -ah! 
Just standing outside by himself and oh-so proud. 

I do love a good routine, but one other thing this baby has taught me is that once I feel like I have got a handle on things-  it will all change! That and baby proof everything because this kid will find it! Thanks for listening to me gush about this sweet babe... If anyone has nap time tips, I would love to hear them!!
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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Zoo Day...

Yesterday, Anthony was home so we got to spend the entire day together! He's been working so much lately that yesterday was his first full day home in what feels like forever... We decided to go to the zoo! We have only gone once before so going this time was so neat since Leiden has grown a bit. The weather was definitely a little indecisive this weekend, naturally. But the weather held up and we were blessed with a gorgeous day!! 
Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. 
You can find their link Here.
It was so fun seeing Leiden actually able to interact with some of the zoo's play ground toys! He especially loved playing hide and seek in this seashell! 
This peacock really seemed to enjoy following Leiden around... It might have been all of the puffs cereal Leidy was so generously sharing. 
Walrus-- they would swim right up to the window! Leidy thought it was the best!
He loved the Walrus' so much- he actually cried when we left...
Budgie birds-- this was so cool! This was a new exhibit for us, where we got to go into the bird caged area and feed these native Australian Budgie birdies! This picture cracks me up because Leiden was actually thrilled with the birds -so happy, squealing, kept trying to pet them (not allowed) and I was terrified! They flew right above you, beside you, landed anywhere and every where... Ah! 
You can read more about budgies here

Overall it was such a great day- just spending the time together and being able to watch Leiden interact with the animals and other kids was so cute and so needed! I hope you all got to take time and enjoy a long weekend together with your friends and family too!  

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Pool side baby...

Poolside... This is our favorite place to be whenever the sunshine is out -- we are OUT. This is our first summer together with Leiden and it could not be more exciting! Watching him experience the joy summer brings is simply the best! Figuring out summer adventures for a 9 month old has had its challenges for me... 

Now, I could always spend my days at a pool, ocean, lake... Sun tanning, swimming... you name it! I grew up around the water and it became a huge part of my life. I swam competitively all of my school years right through college. While I was pregnant, I actually swam the entire pregnancy as well! Besides having some difficulties fitting into a bathing suit that wasn't made for a granny- it was the best way for me to get a good workout in without any injury to Leiden or I. I wish I could say that I got to swim every day now, but finding the time to do things on my own are rare to say the least! We have actually taken up quite a bit of running in our stroller, which we can talk about more another time! All of this is to say, that I had always hoped that Leiden would love being outside and in the pool as much as me, so I thought we would try it out! 

Although I love being outside, the sun does not always love me back. At least not in the way I would like-- nice tan, etc... Instead I burn rather easily. Unlike the entirety of my family! including Anthony and Leiden. But, besides Leidy not resembling me in the sense that he has such beautiful dark hair and skin, he doesn't sunburn, etc...  
He did love the water!! 
Leiden with his Auntie Evangeline! 
Daddy and Leidy. 
The three of us! 

There is always adventuring to be had and having a baby may have changed which adventures we take, but finding new ones that will fit our new family are something that I am adapting and looking forward too! Being a new mom has been exciting, confusing, exhausting, goofy, tearful, so very laughable and just fun. Having this kid as my new partner in crime for the summer -you can be sure that there will be many more poolside pictures to come...
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Thursday, May 22, 2014

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A little hello...

Hi! My name is Lacey and I am 25 years old!
Anthony and I met in 2010 through work- he smiled at me and I have been his ever since.
He is the love of my life and my best friend. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him.
We had our sweet baby boy on August 2nd.  His name is Leiden and I am head over heels!! 
He is such a joy- the happiest little soul and I am so blessed to be his momma! 
Now, it’s the three of us!! These boys with their dark hair and complexions…
We clearly cannot get enough of this kid.  

This is us today!
This is a spot where I share about my personal interests; food, momma hood, fashion, DIY, fitness… Life basically! I started my blog to share about our lives with others and to hopefully inspire and encourage other moms and ladies out there! I am always so inspired by others stories and I hope you are inspired by ours!
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