Wednesday, December 23, 2015

-December 2015-

It has been SO long since I've been on this place... I thought I would like to just keep this as a spot for my little memories of this crazy life we have with my crazy three boys! ❤️

                    -December 2015-

This little angel baby! So sweet + innocent + reminding me daily the pureness that is Christmas JOY. 🌿 

#instagramhusband + how ya like this fancy pose?! 🙊🙈😂 

These two. ❤️ A little crazy + so much alike! Leidy wants to be everything daddy is. 

Christmas town at the fairgrounds with our favorite cousins. 

Sometimes I need to remember the bad days along with good. Some are tougher than others but thankfully the harder ones are so much easier to forget! 

Love these sweet friends so much! A fancy fun night out to celebrate my birthday. 💛

Wrap + wrap 🎁  #repeat 

Zoo lights 🎄

These boys gave me the best birthday snuggles EVER! 💛💛💛💛

My boys. 💛

Moms glasses + Finny knows mom isn't amused. 🤓

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